How To Grow An Email List & Glow For Your Subscribers by Vix Meldrew

How To Grow An Email List & Glow For Your Subscribers

Know you need an email list to help you grow your blog but have NO IDEA where to start? This course is your step-by-step guide to growing a list and glowing for your subscribers.

What's included?

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Introduction & Welcome
Introduction & Welcome
Ways To Get Help
Course Aims & Objectives
Why Every Blogger Needs An Email List
Flaky To Ultra Fan Road Map
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Why Me?
BONUS: Exciting Emails February Event Presentation
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Defining The Purpose Of Your List
In This Module...
Who Is Your Ideal Subscriber?
Why Offering Value Should Be Your Key Purpose
The 3 Main List Purposes For Bloggers
2.53 MB
What Does Your Ideal Subscriber Need?
Niche Emails Are Nice Emails
Define Your List Niche
1.61 MB
Suggestions For Your List Niche
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My Email Strategy Mission Statement
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Setting Up Your List
In This Module...
Which Platform Is Right For You?
Why I Love ConvertKit
Mailchimp - List and Form Set Up Walkthrough
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Mailchimp Setup Checklist
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How To Integrate Your Sign Up Form Into Your Wordpress Blog
Create A Newsletter For Your Blog
In This Module...
Does Your Ideal Subscriber Need A Newsletter?
What Every Great Blogger Newsletter Needs
Import My Blogger Newsletter Template
Before You Launch Your Newsletter Do This One Thing
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Launching & Promoting Your List
In This Module...
How To Get Eyes On Your Sign Up Form
Promote Your List On Social Media - NEWSLETTER
Instagram Story Template For Canva
Twitter Graphic Template For Canva
Instagram Post Template For Canva
Why Content Upgrades Are The Dog's Bollocks For Promoting Your List
Creating A Lead Magnet
In This Module...
OK But Da Fuq Is A Lead Magnet
What Makes A Good Lead Magnet?
Banging Lead Magnets Guide
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Why Quizzes Are A Great Lead Magnet
Why Giveaways Are A Crap Lead Magnet - In My Opinion
How To Create A Landing Page In Wordpress With Beaver Builder
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Automating A Welcome Sequence That LITERALLY Delivers
In This Module...
What Is A Welcome Sequence?
Vix Just Tell Me How To Give Them The Frigging Freebie
How To Create A Welcome Sequence In Mailchimp
My Four Email Welcome Sequence
EMAIL 1: Welcome, Quick Facts & The Freebie
EMAIL 2: Where To Find Me
EMAIL 3: My Story
EMAIL 4: Added Value, An Offer & An Invitation To Unsubscribe
BONUS EMAIL 3.5 Kinda...
My EXACT Welcome
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Serving Your List
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So I've Automated My Welcome Sequence, Now What Do I Do?
A BILLION Ideas For Emails To Send Your List
Automating A Nurture Sequence
Your Nurture Sequence Blueprint
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Email Analytics & How To Use Them Wisely
In This Module...
Clickthrough Rate & Ensuring Your Subscribers Go To Your Content
Why You Shouldn't NECESSARILY Pay Attention To Open Rate
Excellent Exciting Email Subject Lines That Just Scream OPEN ME
Why You Should Monitor Your Subscriber Growth
Now It's Kinda Over To You
Education Sequence
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My Proven Email Subject Lines
I've Got A Gift For You